Welcome to International Dyslexia Strengths Network

We collaborate across borders for a global change in the understanding of dyslexia. For people to see the whole picture - including strengths.

What is WHOLE?

WHOLE is a “creative acronym” for International Dyslexia Strengths Network. We are an international network of people working from a similar perspective of dyslexia and toward the same goal: for everyone to see the whole picture – including strengths.


Why is WHOLE?

WHOLE is designed to strengthen the broader view of dyslexia. To unite those of us who work in this area in different countries and help us lift the whole picture of dyslexia internationally.


What is WHOLE’s vision?

WHOLE’s vision is for a better understanding of dyslexia, the consequences of dyslexia and most of all the dyslexic strengths, globally. For schools and workplaces to understand the whole picture of dyslexia.


Who is part of the WHOLE network?

The WHOLE network consists of dyslexia experts, authors, lecturers, researchers and professors working from a broader picture of dyslexia. We come from a variety of countries including Iran, Netherlands, England, Sweden, USA, China, France and Singapore.


What does WHOLE do?

The WHOLE network gathers regularly to discuss different questions and themes. Usually, we also invite a guest lecturer to our meetings. So far researchers and experts from Italy, Australia, Taiwan and more have been guest lecturers at our meetings.

The WHOLE network also participates in public engagements to spread the understanding of the whole picture of dyslexia. We share research and experiences and aim to increase the amount of research being done based on an understanding of dyslexic strengths.

For instance, we presented at the BDA conference 2021 and will take part in the “dyslexia week” in the Netherlands. Our ambition is to also arrange our own conferences to increase the knowledge around dyslexic strengths and the whole picture of dyslexia in the future.