Name: Susanna Cederquist

Position/title: Lecturer and author (Teacher)

Country: Sweden


Dyslexiarbete: Susanna is a lecturer, speaker, and educator, using the concept En Bild av Dyslexi (A picture of dyslexia) from Sweden. The main focus is to present the whole picture of Dyslexia; the consequences of problems in reading and writing and to see and increase the knowledge of the ”dyslexic strengths”, since 15 years ago. Susanna is herself a dyslexic and already as a child began to discover differences and strengths of dyslexics in her environment compared to non-dyslexics.


She lectures in schools about how teachers can approach dyslexia and create a sustainable and equivalent education for students with dyslexia, as well as in authorities, companies, and workplaces. Susanna is an adviser for the Foundation of Prince Carl Philip and Princess Sofia of Sweden and leads courses for students and adults with dyslexia to help them better understand their competencies and find their ways of success, as well as conducting dyslexia courses for parents of children with dyslexia..


She is the author of the books “Dyslexia + Strengths = True” (2015) and “Dyslexia at school – see the whole picture” (2021). Susanna is also a teacher with supplementary special education certificate. She wrote her exam essay about dyslexia and music, and dyslexic strengths in the beginning of 2000th century. She has been awarded several prizes for her work in the field of dyslexia.

Chairman of WHOLE - International Dyslexia Strengths Network."



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