Angela Fawcett

Name: Angela Fawcett

Position/title: Emeritus Professor, Swansea University

Country: UK


Dyslexia work: Following experience of dyslexia in my family, I am a leading international researcher into dyslexia, with a range of theoretical and applied contributions (see my work with Prof. Rod Nicolson, above).  My approach is broad and interdisciplinary ranging from child and cognitive development to educational screening and intervention, and developmental cognitive neuroscience.  I have worked with all ages from infancy to ageing, with particular interests in pre-school, infant, junior and secondary children. I have worked with academics, neuroscientists, practitioners, local support groups and governments around the world. My international work has developed from both my theoretical and applied research, and this has been recognized in a series of international invitations to present keynote presentations around the world.  I am proud that my research has been recognized both academically and in terms of public understanding of science, and continues to make a real impact on human lives.


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