Deborah Hewes

Name: Deborah Hewes

Position/title: Assistant Director, Publicity and Publications

Country: Singapore


Dyslexia work: Advocacy for the Embrace Dyslexia Movement in Singapore.

I have been with DAS (Dyslexia Association of Singapore) since May 2011, a dyslexic and passionate about raising awareness about learning differences.  All three of my children have learning differences and as a result, I have spent most of the last 20 years supporting them during their academic careers as well as helping other families with children who have learning differences in support groups.  I have lived in Singapore since 2001 and devoted the first 10 years working in an International School as a Learning Support Assistant and parent volunteer supporting students who learn differently with math, reading and literacy.  I have also worked as a shadow assistant for students with behavioural issues, ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome.

I graduated from the University of South Wales with a Masters in Special Education Needs with Merit in 2019.  My dissertation researched "Singaporean Entrepreneurs and Dyslexia"

I am the Managing Editor of the Asia Pacific Journal of Developmental Differences and the annual DAS Handbook, editor of the DAS FACETS and RETA Chronicles magazines.  In 2015, she edited the first book of its kind in Singapore, “Embrace a Different Kind of Mind—Personal Stories of Dyslexia” and in 2017 designed and published the 25th-anniversary book for DAS, “Clearly Different-Dyscovering the Differences”


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