Name: John Stein

Position/title: Prof. Physiology

Country: UK


Dyslexia work: Following my discovery of how visual ‘magnocellular’ timing signals get from the eye to the cerebellum to guide attention and eye movements, I became interested in why these signals are less accurate in dyslexic children and developed the ‘magnocellular theory’ of dyslexia. I became convinced that the gene variants that cause these problems would not be so common unless they carried advantages, and postulated that the magno disadvantage is accompanied by greater connectivity of other ‘parvo’ neuronal systems. This endows dyslexics with an unusually creative ‘holistic’ cognitive style which Society sorely needs and must be nurtured. In theory ‘retired’, I still teach neuroscience to medical and psychology students and still carry out research on the role of visual aids and improved nutrition in helping dyslexics to fulfil their potential.”


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