Maggie Jiang

Name: Maggie Jiang

Position/title: Dyslexia strengths/advantage activist

Country: China/Canada


Dyslexia work: Translation of a book entitled  “Dyslexia Advantage-Unlocking The Hidden Potential of the Dyslexic Brain” from English to Chinese Mandarin. Was recognized by the Publicity Department of CPC as “200 must read books for Educators in China”.

Hosting by-weekly seminar on Raising Awareness of Dyslexia in Mainland China: develop presentations, testing tools, and communication points to explain dyslexia to parents, educators, and publishers to shift the paradigm regarding learning disabilities in multiple major cities in China.

Discovering Dyslexia strengths and advantages of individuals, connecting them with people who are expert in the field of their strength to form a “master to apprentice” relationship.

Fundraising for kids who need dyslexia diagnosis.


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