Rod Nicolson

Name: Rod Nicolson

Position/title: Professor of Psychology and Head of Department, Edge Hill University

Country: UK


Dyslexia work: Leading theories (with Angela Fawcett) art different levels of explanation but (uniquely) treating dyslexia as an abnormality in the process of learning. Theories are: the Dyslexia Automatisation Deficit Theory (1990); the Cerebellar Deficit Theory (1995 and 2001); the Specific Procedural Learning Deficit Theory (2007); and the Delayed Neural Commitment Theory (2019). Also the set of Dyslexia Screening Tests (DEST, DST-Junior, DST-Secondary and DAST) published by Pearson, with DEST (first published 1996) the first predictive test. Highly cited work, with well over 10,000 citations on Google Scholar.

Of particular interest for WHOLE, was a founder with Brock Eide and Tom West of the Positive Dyslexia movement, and wrote the book Positive Dyslexia, published 2015. Now championing (with Nel Hofmeester) the broader, Dyslexia-360 framework.


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